Gifting Your Rockin' Bridal Party

When two become one, and friends gather 'round, we're often left wondering how to thank our friends who have not only gathered that day, but in the days before. The nights they helped create the foundation to your marriage.

So, after the nights they stuck by you through your relationship and for the day they stand up to witness your love... how can you show them what a rock star friend they are?

With something that they can wear everyday to remind them of you and your relationship! Our guitar sting bracelets come in an array of colors, and we recently added charms so you can personalize each one!

Our sets are beautiful, as well. Coming in some popular colors for whatever soiree you plan, from flirty pinks and bright colors... black tie occasions and everything in between.

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Mike Ness + OC

Mike Ness was born in 1962 in Lynn, Massachusetts, but his family relocated to Orange County, California. By his teen years, Mike was in a little band you may know as Social Distortion! rock and roll.

Their music was ground breaking- challenging certain stereotypes set by the English brand of the genre. Mike brought a working class spirit to his songs, recognizing the outcast punks and exposing the effects of a complacent culture, reacted to society's actions and challenged the norm.

"I have a great affection for roots music. Old blues, country, folk, rockabilly, and primitive rock and roll in general. Without these roots, I wouldn't have perspective. I love the music and feel it is as relevant as 70's glitter and early punk. As a solo artist, I am able to cross the boundaries and integrate it all. I tried to bring these influences together and keep it honest." -Mike Ness

You must know this face:

Social Distortion's Mike Ness helped shape a sound that was at the core of the the developing music movement in Orange County. A sound that was loud, hard, fast and anti-social. Ness's solo work, Cheating At Solitaire and Under The Influences, incorporates the raw power and social relevance that has always marked his music, while embracing many of the defining styles in American rock and roll history.

100% of the profits of Mike Ness' guitar string bracelets go to Orangewood Children's Foundation. The foundation was established in 1981 and is the leading provider of services to help current and former foster youth in Orange County, California become self-sufficient adults. Do some good. Wear Mike Ness. #whosestringsareyouwearing


What have we been telling you?


Check out our newest arrivals from Cartel, an American pop-punk band from Conyers, Georgia that formed in 2003.

The current members of the band include vocalist/bassist Will Pugh, lead guitarist Joseph Pepper, guitarist Nic Hudson, and drummer Kevin Sanders. Meeting at Georgia State University the band built a solid fanbase and eventually signed with The Militia Group an independent record company, releasing their EP The Ransom.

After touring the EP for some time, the group went in to the studio to record their debut full-length Chroma with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. 

Cartel's guitar string bracelets are available NOW, but due to them being handcrafted in your chosen style, can take up to 3 weeks to get to you. ALL profits benefit Wounded Warrior Project, with the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warriors as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury – from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.

Who will you help with your fashion today? #whosestringsareyourwearing