Why Do Certain Songs Evoke Such Vivid Memories?

It's back to school time. Like any milestone in a person's life it's important to have good music playing in the background. Do you know why? The songs we love and listen to before class, work or even a party connected with the people, seasons, and locations during our life transport us back to that time and space when we listen again. These days, it could be a whole Start of Summer or Morning Pump Up Playlist we rediscover and the deep neural connection that music creates to romance, heartbreak, and a wide range of other joyful and painful memories. It is a universal phenomenon.

According to Pyschology Today
"What seems to happen is that a piece of familiar music serves as a soundtrack for a mental movie that starts playing in our head. It calls back memories of a particular person or place, and you might all of a sudden see that person’s face in your mind’s eye. Now we can see the association between those two things—the music and the memories.” – Petr Janata, UC Davis

It's fascinating how music affects the brain. Hope the start of the school year finds you in a good spirit so when you find the driving to school playlist or CD in a year they make you feel happy.