Upcycled guitar fun!

We love recycled objects. If you are creative, upcycling can be so much fun. Turning an old guitar or its strings and picks into something very useful can be a great task. Take a look at all the cool stuff that can be found on the internet:

Let your guitar garden grow! In cities there is restricted space so many have to get creative if they want to grown things. 

Speaking of restricted space, people have made guitar shelves! Out of cases and guitars themselves. What a great idea to keep special things in a special place. It looks good in any room!


if you don't want to use the whole guitar, you can just try the top and make hooks for hanging. Brilliant for by your door or in your room to hang necklaces or guitar string bracelets. 

Guitar pick earrings are a great homemade gift for a guitar obsessed friend!

Have you ever thought of making a guitar lamp?! 

OR even a table? What better way to recycle a guitar case?