A Personal Story

A year ago, I started working with Wear Your Music. I knew Hannah, a powerful entrepreneur in Rhode Island, a rockstar mama, and a friend. Wear Your Music supports local business and so much more. For WYM, community is not just local, but national- international. It's giving back and keeping music alive, recycling and lifting up. Becoming a part of the Wear Your Music family has been an honor- and my girls have loved seeing their mama grow personally and professionally.

My first introduction to Wear Your Music was through my still favoriteproduct. I wear my groovy green guitar string bracelet with love and pride- green to recognize my first born child- the color represents dwarfism. Having style, supporting causes and artists is the most amazing thing to be a part of- a true celebration of music.

As I, Chelley, sign off, I am give my big thanks to Hannah and the team and am extremely excited to remain close to the cause, support the charities and continue to follow Wear Your Music here, on FBIG and Twitter!