Why Music?

Music is an integral part of life. It teaches the body, mind and soul. We have favorites that resonate in us for subconscious reasons- maybe a parent played an album over and over when we were kids... or a first kiss to that one song.

Whatever your reasons are for loving music, pass on that appreciation. Ten amazing benefits of music are:

1. Heals the body. From stress and pain relief to better immune function, music is healing.

2. Memory. Music aids in memory retention, true story.

3. Fitness. Music helps us stay motivated in workouts, sets the pace and helps us get going to being with.

4. Improves sleep. Did you know, proven with science, that classical music before bed can help ease the mind and body into a more restful sleep?

5. Stroke and cancer patient improvement. Also scientifically proven, music can aid in the stress and anxiety management of cancer patients, and assists in the recovery of stroke patients.

6. Massage vs. music? Relaxing music can have the same anxiety relieving effect on the body as a massage. We bet if you added massage to your favorite relaxing music, you'd be doubly relaxed!

7. Improving cognitive skills. Adding light music in the background can help people focus while taking tests and improve their ability to answer more questions in timed testing situations.

8. ...so I guess the fact that it's proven that music helps people perform in high-pressure situations goes without saying.

9. Help people eat less. A study found that playing soft music and dimming the lights during meals can help people slow down while eating- this helps you be more mindful of fullness cues and thus eat more appropriate amounts!

10. Math. Music helps teach it, learn it and expand on it.

Your love brings about more music, deeper appreciation and a greater good. The benefits o music can be found in infancy and everywhere in life thereafter... #whosestringsareyouwearing