10 Fall Fashion Trends

Wear Your Music is always in fashion. From the latest artist to the classic. Colors. Charms. We have it all... but what does Fall 2015 Fashion have is store for you? Check out these top trends seen on the runways!

1. Plaid- always in, maybe... but all the range on the runways! In all sorts of sizes and color, plaid can go day-to-night this Fall.

2. Skinny Scarf- the ideal accessory for Fall, you can add it over a t-shirt for an interesting neckline, or with a coat or sweater. A pop of color is easy with a skinny scarf.

3. Patterned Tights- Yes! Give the illusion of a longer leg with a vertical pattern and an above-the-knee (trending) skirt!

4. Gloves- coverage from the wrist or up to the elbow with color! They're the perfect pairing with short sleeves in the Fall, or with your newest men's style coat (in fashion!) in the winter. Add some dramatic flair to any outfit.

5. Bold Bling- We've got that covered, of course. Big, unique pieces give somewhere for the eye to land, so stock up on different pieces from earrings to rings!

6. Grey Suits- They're perfectly tailored, but beg for color. Check these out for some ideas!

7. Lady Loafers- the loafer with a heel. Perfectly paired with your patterned tights for work or play!

8. Carwash Pleats- Yes. For real. These large fringe-like pleats are all the rage, adding interest to knee-length skirts worn over bare legs or tights.

9. High Waistline- Sure, we're all seen the mom jean... but this is more of adding a belt or cinching at your natural waistline. Lace and layered dresses and skirts in this style never looked so nouveau-Victorian (all the rage).

10. Stomp Boots- these flat ankle boots are perfect additions to your weekend wear, paired with skinny jeans and a plaid top, you'll be in fashion and in comfort.

...and don't forget to accessorize each outfit with your favorite artist. #whosestringsareyouwearing