STS9 aims to capitalize on the current climate by pushing toward innovation-musically and socially. Their live shows are fun, surely. But the band works to create an environment where folks can stop and think about how all of our lives might be made better.

Rocklin’s fierce onstage presence and power exemplify how a woman’s touch can often set a band over the top. She's been playing since youth completing her BFA in Jazz and Contemporary from the University of Michigan, which would explain how she plays upright like a boss! She's been featured on a number of things you never knew about- songs on NBC's the Blacklist and on Rick Ross' Rap Record on "God Forgives, I Don't" (which was nominated for a Grammy!), co-owns a production company (Newpolyphony) with her hubby, and has a son, Max.

As if she isn't busy enough... she's donated her used strings to us to make guitar (bass) string bracelets for you!

100% of net profits from the sale of these bracelets are donated to Susan G. Komen. At Susan G. Komen, the mission is pretty simple: to save lives and end breast cancer forever. Through education, support research, grants that provide financial and emotional assistance and advocating for better breast cancer policy- change is made. But in a broader sense, they empower others, ensure quality care for all, and invest in science to find the cures we need.