How does it work?

If you didn't see, John Mayer bracelets came back in stock on the 10th! ...EEEK!

But here's the thing, how does the artist bracelet thing work?

All Artist Bracelets are donated from the artist to WYM to make into guitar string bracelets- these are all custom for you, handcrafted in the USA. It's a kind of amazing collaborative project that culminates with a guitar string bracelet, fashioned specifically for you, and money being donated to the charity of the artist's choosing. What we love about this project, besides the music, art, fashion, giving, love... is that you get to make the choice- support the artist, support the cause.

Either way. You are giving back just by being fashionable.

Pretty freakin' rockin.

Each bracelet is crafted upon being ordered, which means they can take a bit longer to get to you, but the wait is well worth it- being made of recycled string, sterling silver and coming in 3 different styles, of which you choose.

Check out the different artists, learn about the charities. And don't forget to share! #whosestringsareyouwearing?