Musicians On Call

Earlier this week, we raved about one of our newest famous artists: Matt Tarka. What we didn't get to tell you about? The amazing charity the sale of his guitar string bracelets goes to: Musicians On Call.

The founder's story goes like this:

In 1999, the Kristen Ann Carr Fund sponsored a concert at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center  where nurses carefully transported patients to the hospital’s recreation area. The temoporary stage was surrounded by  arranged seating and wheelchairs, and IV poles were throughout the audience- forming a unique mezzanine audience overhead with their bags.

Kenali Mattus was at the hospital to bring a concert to many who were unable to go to one. It was just what the patients needed.

When Kenli Mattus began to perform, something wonderful happened. Feet began to tap and heads nodded to the beat. Smiles formed on patients’ faces and some closed their eyes in revelry. His music was like a melodious breeze moving throughout the room; joyful notes drifted through the air before settling comfortably on the souls of his audience.

Because some of the paitienes were too sick or in treatment at the time, Mattus, Michael Solomon and Vivek Tiwary went room to room and played at the bedsides of those who had missed the concert. What happened in the rec room happened on an even deeper and more intimate level. Michael and Vivek knew they had to form an organization that could bring the same inspiration to the bedsides of patients in hospitals everywhere.

And so Musicians On Call was born, right on cue.

Since that time, MOC, has branched out to New York, Nashville, Miami, Baltimore, D.C., LA and Philadelphia offering so much more than ever expected. Bedside performance bring comfort and the joy of live music to patients. MOC also offers music libraries, free of charge, to hospitals for their patients to find what they want to listen to, and even go as far as recording and producing the patients' own music!

All of Musicians on Call’s musicians are volunteers. They are screened, trained, and scheduled to go to their programs at healthcare facilities. At each facility, the artist is escorted by a Musicians On Call volunteer guide who is also selected and trained by MOC. The guide is vital as a liaison between the patient, the musician, and MOC. You can learn about volunteer opportunities HERE!

Your order of Matt Tarka's new guitar string bracelet- made from his donated strings- directly profits Musicians On Call's mission to bring a dose of joy to life in a healthcare facility.