Stars In Stereo

If newer is always better, than we've got GREAT for you!

Our newest addition to the Wear Your Music Famous Artist Bracelet collection is Stars in Stereo!

You may know them from Bec Hollcraft, who began singing and writing songs at a young age and a recorded choir even at 13 launched her career when it made its way to Meredith Brooks. Her powerhouse voice and ability to write has launched this band, including Jordan McGraw, Frogs McCormack, and Drew Langan to huge touring success!

Their guitar string bracelets can be found HERE... and customized in 3 different styles to suit your fashion sense!

The sale from each guitar string bracelet goes to If I Die Young, who gives struggling teens a family, a new goal, and a community. If you share your story with them, the community, chances are many people here can relate. Ask for help. Its what they do! If I Dies Young is dedicated to helping you through the tough times and coming out of it stronger, TOGETHER.