Festival Fashion 2015

Summer festivals are upon us! All we wait for during the year (if you missed it, we had record breaking snows here in New England this winter) is here! From amazing music, weekends with friends, and some of the most amazing summer festival fashion- and we are so ready for it.

If you missed it, there are a number of summer fashion guides for festivals, and we are loving the fringe, bright colors (and the ever-popular black and white combos), boho-chic, and print-on-print- so light and feminine, but bold! But this year is so much more than clothes (or last year's popular "underbutt"). If you enjoyed Coachella, you saw that this year’s fashions extend to beautiful bags, large summer hats (fashion and sun conscious), and the jewelry. Lots of chunky pieces, some lighter chains... so much beauty and meaning and expressions from the beadazzlement of our bodies.

How we choose to adorn ourselves is such a fabulous statement of our unique personalities, and Wear Your Music is prepared to assist you with your summer festival fashion. Some of our favorite pieces come from more than our guitar string bracelets.

The newest trends in festival fashions are truly a reflection of our own past, or that of our parents, with festival must-haves hearkening back to Woodstock. But how are you making that fashion your own?

We have a few simple, beautiful pieces to bring out your inner flower child, and capitalize on your summer festival style.

Love Music, Peace, or Grow charms are all beautiful additions to any bracelet or necklace you have- and are, of course, meant-to-be when paired with our guitar string bracelets- in wither classic colors or something a bit more funky.

Our Rainbow Recycled Stack is both beautiful and flattering to many boho styles- and totally perfect to accent the print-on-print look. Catching the light just so, these recycled guitar strings are the perfect arm candy.

Finally, some icing on the cake, our Guitar String Rings offer chic style with minimal effort. Our rings are simple to rock, and come in a few different colors to give you even more unique festival fashion.

Festival fashion is ever-evolving... don’t forget to leave your mark with a sweet serenade of musical whimsy.