Wear Your Music supports so many awesome charities through the sale of guitar string bracelets, key chains, and other awesome music fan gear... but more than that, our charities and fans are our voice. Being able to support these charities is the life-work and heartbeat of WYM because of groups like REVERB...

REVERB was founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner (Guster). REVERB creates and executes comprehensive, custom programs to green musicians on tour while engaging concertgoers to take action for the environment. Their belief is that many people doing some things will have more impact than a few people doing everything- all of us being active participants will create real, large-scale, and measurable change. We think it’s pretty cool to have some middle ground between the all or nothing approach that REVERB adheres to.

REVERB works with each band or artist to create backstage greening programs. Their aim is to reduce the overall environmental impact of tours, and they do so in a number of ways:

  • On-Site Coordinator | REVERB staffer included in the tour’s crew to execute and oversee all greening elements
  • Green Rider & Venue Advance | Custom rider creation and advancement of greening requests at each venue
  • Biodiesel Fueling Coordination | Working with production team and drivers to arrange biodiesel fuelings from local and sustainable stock
  • Composting, Recycling, & Waste Reduction | Assistance with with large-scale waste reduction compost and recycling initiatives
  • Hospitality & Catering Products | Eco-friendly choices backstage including reusable and compostable catering items, green cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Carbon Offsets | Calculation and neutralization of carbon emissions created on tour

More than just greening tours, REVERB also works with music industry leaders- including venues, record labels and radio stations- to move the sustainable practices of the industry forward.

Being able to reach so many (literally hundreds of thousands of fans each year) with such a positive, uplifting message of environmental sustainability, is not something REVERB takes lightly. They’re involved with multiple projects at any given time, all of which help involve and inform audiences all over. These are just of few of the ways REVERB reaches audiences.

  • Eco-Village | Festival-like village with local and national non-profits, green products and technologies, games, prizes and fan calls-to-action
  • Non-Profit Groups | Environmental organizations hosted at each Eco-Village
  • Volunteers | REVERB volunteers coordinated to encourage fans to participate in Eco-Village activities
  • Online social media campaigns
  • Greening Website | Custom tour-specific site outlining all greening elements taken on tour, featuring resources and calls to action for fans
  • Online Carpooling | Resource for fans looking to carpool to and from shows

REVERB relies on their volunteers, too- coordinating over 15,000 people- knowing that without them, they would not be able to activate their programs or reach fans on tours. Volunteers are asked to do a multitude of things at their local venues from assisting in final set up of the Eco-Village to encouraging fans to take action! They also help support local nonprofit organizations, promote  REVERB’s message of sustainability and oversee on-site games like Cornhole and giant Jenga.