pablove charity bio!

We know you've been following the blog, so you know about our Famous Artists Collection, but do you know that the artists choose their charity and we make it all happen? So, we wanted to feature a wonderful cause that Anna Nalick chose called pablove. 100% of the profits from her donated guitar string bracelets goes to this amazing charity for families and children battling childhood cancer.


(Pab)love was founded in 2008 when a child named Pablo was diagnosed with cancer. When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, a whole community suffers, too- but without the full familiar support needed, often times the families and communities are left empty... wondering why a child would ever have to suffer through this.


Pablo's family took to the internet to share about treatments, give updates and stay connected though his battle, which was sadly lost 6 days after he turn 6 years old. With the following they'd build online, full of friends and family as well as total strangers, they felt a virtual community come together to mourn with them, but more importantly, to support them.


This, pablove was born with a message and spirit to drive children battling for their lives. Their mission to invest, inspire and improve is inspiring us here at Wear Your Music, and giving us a reason to keep pursing our mission to bring music, charity, fashion and innovation together!

Checkout pablove's story HERE. Or support them with Anna's bracelet HERE!