Weekend Wrap Up: The Queen is Back???!

Here are all the important things you may have missed...

FUNNY: Three-year-old Mia is Adam Levine's biggest fan, and had quite reaction when she found out he was married! The other day, she met him on Ellen and things were a little different...

HEARTWARMING: Justin Timberlake was inducted into his hometown Memphis Music Hall of Fame Saturday night. His BFF Jimmy Fallon made a great speech reflecting on their relationship: "When they first asked me to help induct Justin into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, three things came to mind: How much? Where am I staying? And most importantly, how do I get out of this," Fallon joked during his introduction. "This is Justin Timberlake we're talking about, and who better to induct him than me, Mrs. Justin Timberlake." He went on to talk about how he gives "110 percent" to everything they worked on" and talked about his career: "He's given us so much amazing music over the years. I'm talking 'Cry Me a River,' 'SexyBack," "Suit & Tie,' 'Mirrors,' "Dick in a Box!' That's right, he was the first Justin whose dick went viral. Sorry, Bieber."

COOL FACT: NME compiled a list of the 20 Weird Ways Bands Got Signed. Greats like Jimi Hendrix, Nine Inch Nails, The Doors, Beck, and No Doubt are included. Did you know Oasis started from literally fighting their way into Creation Records? Or Marina (and the Diamonds) Diamondis dressed up as a boy and auditioned for a reggae band?

NEWS: Adele released a new snippet of her song. The queen is back...soon! A mysterious ad for a song popped up on the tv during UK factor on Sunday!

What was your favorite album released on Friday? Excited for any this week? Hey Violet's record label signers, 5 Seconds of Summer is coming out with one!